“The Last Job”



“The last time, everything fit into three duffle bags,” Kevin argued.

“I don’t care how many bags it took last time Kevin, I told you to bring at least four for this job,” Don whispered angrily, “and keep it down, someone’s gonna hear us if you keep complaining.”

This job certainly demanded more than three bags. The waterfront apartment belonged to some fairly popular musician, and was chock full of expensive items. Laptops, tablets, jewelry, designer clothes, and plenty more were available for the taking. The two thieves rushed to cram as many of the goods as they could into the three black duffle bags.

As they resorted to stuffing what they could in their pants pockets and jackets, they heard the muffled sound of a person outside the apartment door.

“They’re early!” Kevin said nervously, “there’s no way out other than…”

Both thieves looked to the balcony, which was three stories up from the beach below.

“We gotta do it, we have no choice,” Don said, his words bursting with doubt and anxiety. “On three: one, two, three—”

“The Last Job” is my submission for Week #5 of the FFftPP Challenge (Check it out here). It is composed of 177 words.

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“Grey City”


London is a grey city. The grey sky meets the grey ground, where grey people walk on grey pavement alongside grey buildings. They never seem to mind the grey scene.

I live across from a old man who isn’t so grey. He plants gold sunflowers, and tends to them everyday. He sits next to them on a little wooden bench for hours sometimes. I think I’ve seen him speak to them.

I asked him one day, “Why do you grow these flowers in this grey city?”

He looked at me, with kind wrinkled eyes, and whispered, “Ten flowers for ten years that my wife has been gone. She put the color in my life, so I plant them to color the grey away.”

The man stopped coming out to care for his golden flowers. A grey hearse came to his home on a grey night and took him away.

Today I planted eleven sunflowers. My life isn’t so grey now.

Photo credits to Sonya of “Only 100 Words”

“Destinations” is my submission for the 50th FFfAW challenge (Check it out here). It is composed of 160 words.

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“The Pond”


“The Pond” is my submission for Week #4 of FFftPP. It is exactly 200 words (really pushing the limits here). Check out the challenge here!


“Eliza, can you pleease stop running and tell me where we’re going?” Alex gasped.

“Hmm, how about no and no? It’s a surprise and we have to get there before the sun sets,” she grinned cheekily.

“Agggh,” moaned Alex.

He didn’t really know why he decided to ditch the party and follow her. Maybe it was the fact he wanted a excuse to leave, or maybe because he had a bit of a huge crush on Eliza and was absolutely ecstatic that she wanted to be alone with him.

The gravel path ended, funneling into a barely existent dirt path with giant pine trees on both sides.

“Almost there, just down here.”

“Eliza, I am about four seconds from…whoa.”

A large pond, a pool colored orange and peach from the sun peeking out from behind the pines, sat at the end of the path.

“Beautiful, right? Lot better than the party at least,” Eliza said, sitting near the edge of the water.

“Definitely,” Alex said, sitting next to her, “but not quite as beautiful as…”

He looked over to Eliza to see her smiling shyly, shortly followed by him holding her head and kissing her in the fleeting sunlight.




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“Destinations” is my submission for the 49th FFfAW challenge (Check it out here). It is composed of a whopping 172 words. Enjoy!


As the sun peeked over the watery horizon, he couldn’t help but recall the old Beatles tune. He smiled at the thought, a great song for a great new day. He stretched out his arms and legs, feeling the cool, golden sand against his bare skin. He yawned away the last remnants of drowsiness, grabbed his shoes and rucksack, and headed up onto the boardwalk. He knew he had a few minutes before the first bus showed up, so he decided to pop into a little restaurant on the oceanfront. He sat at the counter and ordered a coffee from the woman tending it.

“Where you headed handsome?” she said plopping down his coffee.

He chuckled, “That’s a good question, but I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer.”

She raised an eyebrow, “So you don’t got a destination or anything?”

“Everyone has a destination, I just haven’t found mine yet, and that’s what I aiming to do.”

The man left a hundred-dollar bill and boarded a bus without checking it’s next stop.




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“SAM” is my submission for the 48th FFfAW challenge  called “The Saloon” (Check it out here). It is composed of a whopping 163 words. Enjoy!


The mixed stench of cheap cologne, cigarette smoke, and lousy beer lingered in the saloon well past closing-time, but the well-dressed man who just entered didn’t seem to mind. He sat rigidly at the counter, and Al approached to tell him the bar was closed. As he drew closer however, Al noticed something distinctly off about this man.

He put his hands on the counter and grunted, “We’re closed buddy.”

The man, straight-faced and unwavering replied, “I am SAM 1053, and you are Albert Davidson.”

Al’s pulse quickened. This wasn’t a man, it was a SAM, a Self-Aware-Machine. They were government agents, sent out to suppress and prevent any form of rebellion. Sweat rolled down his temple.

SAM 1053 continued, “You have been reported as a threat to the security of the New American Empire, and have been ordered to be neutralized. Prepare for neutralization.”

Al fumbled under the counter for his revolver, but was met by two . 45 rounds directly between his eyes.

“Rebel suppressed.”


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