Photo credits to Etol Bagam

“SAM” is my submission for the 48th FFfAW challenge  called “The Saloon” (Check it out here). It is composed of a whopping 163 words. Enjoy!


The mixed stench of cheap cologne, cigarette smoke, and lousy beer lingered in the saloon well past closing-time, but the well-dressed man who just entered didn’t seem to mind. He sat rigidly at the counter, and Al approached to tell him the bar was closed. As he drew closer however, Al noticed something distinctly off about this man.

He put his hands on the counter and grunted, “We’re closed buddy.”

The man, straight-faced and unwavering replied, “I am SAM 1053, and you are Albert Davidson.”

Al’s pulse quickened. This wasn’t a man, it was a SAM, a Self-Aware-Machine. They were government agents, sent out to suppress and prevent any form of rebellion. Sweat rolled down his temple.

SAM 1053 continued, “You have been reported as a threat to the security of the New American Empire, and have been ordered to be neutralized. Prepare for neutralization.”

Al fumbled under the counter for his revolver, but was met by two . 45 rounds directly between his eyes.

“Rebel suppressed.”


7 thoughts on ““SAM”

  1. Hi Nephew…what I do really like about this is it definitely lets the mind form an image of what is transpiring. Great imagery and description. Vocabulary appropriate for the setting. It also leaves you wanting more which is great. Your “futuristic” vision is perhaps plausible someday if we continue to go the way we are as a global community I liked this vignette very much, Nice job, Nephew.


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