“The Pond”


“The Pond” is my submission for Week #4 of FFftPP. It is exactly 200 words (really pushing the limits here). Check out the challenge here!


“Eliza, can you pleease stop running and tell me where we’re going?” Alex gasped.

“Hmm, how about no and no? It’s a surprise and we have to get there before the sun sets,” she grinned cheekily.

“Agggh,” moaned Alex.

He didn’t really know why he decided to ditch the party and follow her. Maybe it was the fact he wanted a excuse to leave, or maybe because he had a bit of a huge crush on Eliza and was absolutely ecstatic that she wanted to be alone with him.

The gravel path ended, funneling into a barely existent dirt path with giant pine trees on both sides.

“Almost there, just down here.”

“Eliza, I am about four seconds from…whoa.”

A large pond, a pool colored orange and peach from the sun peeking out from behind the pines, sat at the end of the path.

“Beautiful, right? Lot better than the party at least,” Eliza said, sitting near the edge of the water.

“Definitely,” Alex said, sitting next to her, “but not quite as beautiful as…”

He looked over to Eliza to see her smiling shyly, shortly followed by him holding her head and kissing her in the fleeting sunlight.



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