“Grey City”


London is a grey city. The grey sky meets the grey ground, where grey people walk on grey pavement alongside grey buildings. They never seem to mind the grey scene.

I live across from a old man who isn’t so grey. He plants gold sunflowers, and tends to them everyday. He sits next to them on a little wooden bench for hours sometimes. I think I’ve seen him speak to them.

I asked him one day, “Why do you grow these flowers in this grey city?”

He looked at me, with kind wrinkled eyes, and whispered, “Ten flowers for ten years that my wife has been gone. She put the color in my life, so I plant them to color the grey away.”

The man stopped coming out to care for his golden flowers. A grey hearse came to his home on a grey night and took him away.

Today I planted eleven sunflowers. My life isn’t so grey now.

Photo credits to Sonya of “Only 100 Words”

“Destinations” is my submission for the 50th FFfAW challenge (Check it out here). It is composed of 160 words.

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