The Wilkes-Barre Inn




The Wilkes-Barre Inn in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was nothing extraordinary. It was one of many Wilkes-Barre chain hotels across the entire east coast, which were all owned by a much larger corporation that owned tens of thousands of hotels across the entire globe. These facts of the capitalistic hunger and the wide-reaching influence of mega corporations did not interest nor matter to Maria Alvarez, who just so happened to be a 42 year-old maid who dedicated five years of her life working for low pay in this particular New Hampshire hotel.

It was approximately 5:30 pm on the 23rd night of July. Maria had reached the fourth floor of the hotel, and was cleaning the remaining vacant rooms. She cleaned six rooms before reaching Room 419, which would be the last room of the night.

She started with the kitchenette. There was little cleaning to do there as very few guests ever actually used them. She would then vacuum the small living area, wipe down the toilet, sink, and shower, and finally change sheets and pillow cases on the bed. A monotonous and arduous job to be certain.

It was not until Maria had changed pillow cases and the top sheets that she noticed a small lump under the fitted sheet of the bed. She removed the fitted sheet to find a very unusual looking package. It had several black blocks connected together and was covered with wires and other miscellaneous gadgetry. Maria assumed it could only be one thing.

A bomb.


Image and prompt courtesy of The Blog Propellant. This one was a bit of a departure from my usual romantic/happy/sometimes sad stories, but I do hope you enjoyed it.

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