Jake forgot to pack our phone chargers, and now our phones were dead. That wouldn’t have been too bad if our phones weren’t our only access to Google Maps, which was our only means of getting directions from Florida to our family in California. Now we were lost, driving through the monotonous flatness of Kansas.
Our phones had been dead for about 45 minutes when I saw what looked to be a shopping mall.
“I’m pulling over at this place,” I say to Jake, motioning towards the building. He grumbles something incoherent.
I pull into the parking lot of the vast concrete building, which by the entrance sign claims to be called “The Plaza”. The parking lot is absolutely desolate; we’re the only car there.
“Let’s see if they sell chargers in here,” I say to my brother as I unbuckle my seat belt.
“Why is there a shopping mall in the middle of Kansas?” he says in response.
“I don’t know, shopping malls are everywhere. Why does it matter?”
“Yeah, but this is the middle of nowhere. Don’t you think it’s a little…I don’t know…weird?”
“I really don’t care at this point. I’m sweaty, I’m starving, and I’m thirsty. Let’s just get a charger and go.”
The scorching July sun of the Midwest beats down on me as I walk up to the front entrance  of the mall and tug on the handle. Locked. I try peering in through the glass, but it’s tinted pitch black.
“Maybe there’s another entrance,” I say, somewhat doubtful.
We drive around the perimeter of the building and find two more entrances, both locked with the glass blacked out. I drive back to the main entrance and stop the car.
“Well isn’t this great. A shopping mall in the middle of nowhere, with all its doors locked, and no one else in the parking lot. Just splendid,” my brother says, his words dripping with sarcasm and accusation.
“Well, we wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t forgotten the phone chargers. So really, who’s to blame here?”
“You know what Brendan? You’re—”
But before he could finish, both car doors fly open, and someone pulls us out.
The world went black.


“Dead” is my submission the Week #11 FFftPP Challenge (Check it out here). It is composed of 353 words.

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