I was born twice

The first of the regular sort
Spectacular in its significance
And ordinary in its occurrence
That any life has felt
But cannot remember

The second of a fantastic sort
Where if the world were aflame
We may have danced in its wake
For even the air seemed to embrace me
In all its eminence
Never as breath-taking as she

I have died once

Of the worse sort
Where in the world’s ashes
I may have wept
For even the air has left me
In all its sustenance
Never as heart-breaking as she


The Young Professional


Daniel did not understand art, and the painted cow statues that stared him down from across the street were certainly no exception. He did not know why the beefy creatures were painted with flowers and leaves and other flora. He had always assumed they were some kind of vegetarian protest. As a protest to their protest, the young professional ate an 100% beef chili dog once a week while staring down the cows from the bench outside of his office in New York City. It had seemingly little effect on the cows.

As he chowed down on his delectable chili dog on one muggy New York day, a young woman sat on the opposite side of the bench. Daniel saw that she had an undeniably artsy aura about her, but was also undeniably beautiful, and in that moment the young professional quickly decided that he would learn to understand art.

“The Young Professional” is my submission the 59th FFfAW Challenge (Check it out here). It is composed of 150 words. Special thanks to SWritings for the challenge photo.

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